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Hello, folks. This is intended entirely as a piece of positive activism. We are going to show the Japanese people that we are there with them, and we CARE!

This proposal has three articles.

1-AID-Make a donation to an international disaster fund.
3-UNDERSTANDING-Light a candle for the dead and those in Japan living in candlelight, without electricity.

If you have friends and/or family in Japan-RAISE A FLAG!
If you know anyone Japanese-RAISE A FLAG!
If you are in any way an otaku or even a geek-RAISE A FLAG!
If you are in anyway a member of a religion encouraging prayer, PRAY, then–RAISE A FLAG!
If you care about humanity-RAISE A FLAG!
If you’re just reading/watching this out of sheer boredom-RAISE A FLAG!!

If you’re raising a flag and you can record yourself on video, please record it and entitle it, “Raise a flag” or “Raising a flag” or something. I will include it as a special playlist specifically for awesome videos of awesome people like yourself! 🙂 Also, I encourage creativity.

If you can’t buy a flag, fret not! You can always make one. I will eventually create a set of directions to create a simple paper flag on Deviantart. 😀

To make a donation as per the first article of this proposal, please view the following websites: <–the original redcross <—for Canuckleheads like me. <—this organization seems to be helping with med. supplies. <–exactly what it says on the url.

If you’d like to make a donation and you are also recording yourself as you RAISE THE FLAG, please include how much you donated in your description. Or just say you donated. S’all good.

-Mosobot64 AKA Moses

PS. As of this first recording I have donated 4.55 to the Canadian Red Cross, and have raised the flag three times.



An animation student from the Vancouver area, Mosobot64 intends to use her army of friendly robots to pet every kitten on the planet. In the meantime, however, she's making comics and graphics.

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