V-Con Post-mortem (Have a Fairy)

Well, another convention come and gone.  V-Con went fairly well, though I did not get to fully participate in the festivities while manning my table, I had a fairly good time and broke even on table and printing costs.


Verical Ready! :  This time around, I actually had vertical display, which allowed me to get my paintings off the table and up where everyone could see them!  This also allowed me to display more fine art goodies on the table itself.

Extra Man, Extra Options : Having Virushunter at the event checking in periodically so that I had an extra hand in getting stuff up and could take the occaisional wash-room break definately took a load off my mind.

Another Artist-All the Art you could want! : Arinn Dembo asked me if she could sell her wares at the table, and for a modest commision, I agreed to do so.  I’m glad I did.  The fine jewelry was a great draw for the con-goers and thanks to the extra stuff I was able to make more folks happy than I could of selling my own work by itself.


Crash! Bang! Whoops! : My special pole display for my paintings did have one distinct disadvantage.  On day one especially, any form of movement would send my paintings crashing down onto the table below.  Though I was able to stabilize the pole on day 2 so that nothing short of a sharp hit to the table would affect the display, the sad thing is that I was known more for my mishaps on the first day than for the value of my art.  There was even a joke that time could have been measured by the sound of paintings falling down.  This will affect my Etsy listings, to say the least.

..And I’m a Cartoonist! : My art style of choice didn’t necessarily go over well with the V-Con crowd.  Not as well as it has in the past, anyway.

And That’s Where? Exactly? : I blame the venue more for this than myself, but I ended up spending a fair chunk of my break times just trying to figure out where the heck everything was.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who got a headache.


And so, that was a convention well done, and a lesson well learned.  I’ll try exhibiting over at 8 Bits of Destiny next.  Wish me luck!


PS. Oh, right, almost forgot!


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