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Occupy Vancouver-A Quick Review

For those of you not already in the know, there is a new movement originating from online called OCCUPY WALL STREET.  It is essentially about restoring the balance of power between the super-rich (The 1%) and the rest of the nation (The 99%), though it does air other concerns as well.

The movement started in New York City, but has since spread across the continent to my own city, Vancouver BC.


I went over there to interview members of the movement in person.  You can see my findings by clicking these links.

Much is going on. I hope you’ll watch us.

UPDATE: The Occupy Movement now has a goal! The ROBINHOOD Tax is the propsed solution!




An animation student from the Vancouver area, Mosobot64 intends to use her army of friendly robots to pet every kitten on the planet. In the meantime, however, she's making comics and graphics.

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