Well It’s Been a Long Time…

In that time I’ve been sort of working on artisic self-improvement.  I’m now a student at Capilano University’s 2d animation program, and for this summer I’m doing some graphic design work between semesters.

In these five years I have:
-Quit my old webcomic to make sprites for an indie game
-Transferred to SFU’s fine art program, only to leave it for Capilano Animation
-Made lots of icons for the independent computer game Kaiju-A-Gogo
-Switched mostly to Instagram and Tumblr due to increased sketch frequency.
-Started a new, more awesome webcomic: Ohmworld!

However, with all the breakneck speed of updates I’ve been taking on, I’ve been missing out on the finer bloggy things in life.

I can’t promise I’ll be here all the time, but I am back, and to reflect my new artistic methods, I now have Instagram plugged into to sidebar so that even if I’m not here, you can still take a look at what I’m up to.

I’ll add some of the art I’ve been up to lately by next week-and newer stuff should start coming in by later this month.

In the meantime: It’s a pleasure to be back.

-Moses C.


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