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Well It’s Been a Long Time…

In that time I’ve been sort of working on artisic self-improvement.  I’m now a student at Capilano University’s 2d animation program, and for this summer I’m doing some graphic design work between semesters.

In these five years I have:
-Quit my old webcomic to make sprites for an indie game
-Transferred to SFU’s fine art program, only to leave it for Capilano Animation
-Made lots of icons for the independent computer game Kaiju-A-Gogo
-Switched mostly to Instagram and Tumblr due to increased sketch frequency.
-Started a new, more awesome webcomic: Ohmworld!

However, with all the breakneck speed of updates I’ve been taking on, I’ve been missing out on the finer bloggy things in life.

I can’t promise I’ll be here all the time, but I am back, and to reflect my new artistic methods, I now have Instagram plugged into to sidebar so that even if I’m not here, you can still take a look at what I’m up to.

I’ll add some of the art I’ve been up to lately by next week-and newer stuff should start coming in by later this month.

In the meantime: It’s a pleasure to be back.

-Moses C.



An animation student from the Vancouver area, Mosobot64 intends to use her army of friendly robots to pet every kitten on the planet. In the meantime, however, she's making comics and graphics.

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