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Inktober-Week 1

I’ve been getting up to so much more than this, folks, but how about I stick to showing you things one week at a time, eh?

This October, I’ve decided to do two challenges at once-Jake Parker’s Inktober, and Ochibrochi’s 31 witches challenge! I’m using the prompts from both days to get interesting and/downright wacky results!

Here’s my first week of Inktober. I’ll continue posting about this one week at a time.

If you’d like to keep more up to date on it, check out my Instagram or Facebook page. 😘

Let’s start…


Swift + Seasonal Witch

Divided + Student Witch

Poison + Avian Witch

Underwater + Gemstone Witch

Long + Totally 80s Witch

Sword + Film Noir Witch

Shy + Fairy Godmother

That’s it for now! See you next week!


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Summer Festival 2012 Post-Mortem

I think at this point, I should accept that I only really have time to give this blog updates once a month.  I’ll try to keep you guys a little more updated through my twitter feed in the future.

Yesterday, I attended the Summer Festival over at SFU.

Nice place, huh?

I offered my usual pieces, plus a couple of new works from Trinita Comics.

Namely, these pieces.

However, the event was, financially a failure. I suspect I need to update my jokes. I also suspect that the venue wasn’t an ideal choice for sales.

Still, though, we had fun.

-Moses C.