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The Latest Art for my Webcomic!

Here’s some of my latest art, as seen on my Trinita Comics site.

“Etria is a continent roughly half of the size of our Australia. It contains a variety of binomes, plus bays and rivers, but the entire continent is roughly the shape of a triskelion.
Etria has two major kingdoms, Trinita in the south, and Inferno in the north. There is a desert in between these kingdoms known as the Badlands.”

Above is the map of Etria, as seen here.


And here’s the non-logo version of the Unrest in the Forest, Part 1, Cover.

Once again, thanks for reading!  See you later!


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VanCAF 2012 Post-Mortem

Alrighty!  Sorry for the slow update, I was busy concluding school and preparing for my latest convention, VanCAF (Vancouver Comic Arts Festival), which I went to last weekend!

It took place here in Vancouver, at a lovely community centre in Yaletown.

Namely, this place.

While I was there, I offered all my usual art, plus my brand-new print comics!

Namely, these comics.

All in all, I did pretty well at the event, though I did run fresh out of free pieces of paper.  Afterwards, I hung out with Klara (At, Alanna, and Evin.  We had some decent pub food, excellent beer, and then we talked about our respective areas over some ice cream.

Namely, this…okay, you get the idea.

So, all in all, I’d say it was a pretty sweet weekend.

-Moses C.

PS. Thanks for bearing with me over the slow update, and don’t let me forget-I owe you folks some Avengers. 😉