Some places about the ‘net I recommend.

Art blogs:

The site of sci-fi and horror writer, Arinn Dembo (She also happens to be my mom)

Eric, Whut Have You Done Today? 
The blog of my good friend, Eric Etienne. 😀

Cloudscape Comics
The site of local comic makers, Cloudscape Comics!

Epidigm Studios
Hom of local comickers and Cloudscape compatriots Anise Shaw and Wei Li!

The blog of Sam and Max creator, Monkey Island artist and all around genius, Steve Purcell.

Local Bands:

Kerberos Productions
Makers of Fort Zombie and Sword of the Stars. Repensum est Canicula!

The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
Immerse yourself in the Lovecraftian brilliance of Vancouver’s premier nerd-punk band!


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