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Just graduated!

Well, that’s it!  Gradshow is all done, and my current portfolio, mostly consisting of storyboards, and designs for them, is online. Now I’m working on what’s next.

At this particular moment, I’m gearing up for the next big Ohmworld update-specifically the start of the next story!  In the meantime I’ve been posting design work relevant to that.  I’ve been scrubbing up the whole style for a few months now so “Beware the Barrel Head!” is definitely going to look a lot more polished.

Tesla House - Int Kitchen 01 Ink -coloured w paint chainer

I’m also going to do further work on my animation reel, mainly by animating the animatics and polishing the unpolished projects I’ve made during this last semester.  I also have two conventions that I’m attending for sure this summer, and I’d also like to actually get going on my Youtube in progress videos and Twitch streams!  But this is all going to take time, and I’d like to do some commissions to keep going on this!

Moses Cirulis-BusinessCard-_front v3

Head on over to my little digital art shop, and you can get some specially made art-anything from character expressions to fully painted scenes!


I also have the first Ohmworld story fully collected along with some early concept art-you can get a .pdf of it from my mini digital shop as well!


Every bit counts!  Thank you so much!


PS. One other thing:  I do have a .pdf download of my graduation portfolio available for Patreon supporters…

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Save the Date! The Capilano University Animation Gradshow!

I’m graduating from Capilano University’s 2d animation program, and next week, I and many of my fellow students will be showcasing our work!

It starts with Family Day on Sunday, April 15th…

And continues the following night on April 16!

And our work will be on display at Harbour Centre here in Vancouver for the next week!

Come on down-and keep an eye out for this poster!

I hope to see you there!