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Getting Twitchy!

Hey folks! Just a quick blog to indicate a couple of streams on Twitch that I’m going to schedule this week!

First up, I’ll be playing Cuphead tomorrow at 4 pm ish pst!

And then on Saturday morning (10 am pst) I’ll be watching Betty Boop and doodling stickers as well!

Keep an eye out for a stream this afternoon as well! It’ll be short but it’ll transition over to Kerberos’ stream, where they’ll be playing their great co-op game with some kids!


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Excited about the Nintendo Cafe!

Hey, folks.  I realize this is an art blog as opposed to an opinion piece about videogames or videogaming, but recently a new announcement by Nintendo has caught my attention. Project Cafe. 

Anyway, I thought the ocassion deserved some good-natured humour.

Enjoy, and happy gaming!



The New Year Thus Far…

I’ll tell you how mine’s been-buuusy!  I’m currently in the process of reapplying to Emily Carr, and I’m basically in the final week of portfolio submissions.  So, right down to the wire.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

-Bought a digital camera.

-Made application and ordered transcripts to/for Emily Carr.

– Went to jewelry meetup group in Surrey (Still need to post photos to their site…)


-Bought a bunch of found objects, beat the gears out of some poor old watches.

-Finished Deathspank, now playing Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue.

-Watched a bunch of movies and stuff.

-Worked 5 days a week at my favorite popcorn place (And got some awesomenia-inducing cotton candy corn to boot) for most of the month (It’s quite calm around there right now, though)

-Tried to make some cool things, succeeded somewhat.

So, that’s the update in words.  I’ll have some more artwork to send your way, but first, portfolio!

Yes, I'm working on it.