Dragoncember Week 1!

So far Dragoncember has been wonderful! I’ve loved seeing what everyone has been coming up with.

Animation school finals have been enough of a whirlwind that I’m a bit behind now, but I’ve got my first week right here!








I also have WIPs and thumbnails for these, but only for supporters on Patreon!

Hopefully I’ll be all caught up in time for next week. Thanks for reading!


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Mosobot's Dragoncember Meme 2017 FINAL

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Tao Chow!

Here’s the finished Tao Chow!
2017 08-AUG 29 Tao Chow final
I finished him up at Twitch on Friday morning.

So now you can find him here, and over on my Redbubble, if you’re interested in taking him home!

Thanks for reading!

I expect to do my next stream on Tuesday, September 12, starting at 5 PM on Twitch!  Hope to see you there!


PS. If you’re looking to get access to some top secret sketches, I also have a Patreon